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The Tristate Jewish Network for Refugee Support was founded by a small group of working moms with young children who met at synagogue and bonded over our shared commitment to the issue of refugee support.  After a few successful but small-scale fundraising efforts on behalf of the upstate NY refugee community, we had the idea to build a network of likeminded people so that our efforts could be scaled and impact could be magnified.

Our network is comprised of volunteers from a variety of faith-based institutions in the New York metropolitan area who are dedicated to providing material support to the recently-arrived refugee families residing in the capital region of New York state.  Our initial efforts have focused on a community of Afghan families headed by widowed mothers whose husbands were killed by the Taliban for their work with the U.S armed forces. Together, these 15 families have about 70 children among them!

Many upstate civic and faith-based groups, including mosques, synagogues, Vassar college students, Dutchess county area high schools, and local citizen alliances have organized to raise money and collect much-needed material items (clothing, household goods) to the larger community of recently arrived families.  However, these groups are drawing support from a limited number of communities over and over again-- their resources are becoming stretched.

Our goal is to broaden the reach of established upstate NY fundraising efforts by harnessing the power of the socially engaged, highly-networked Jewish communities of New York City, Northern NJ, Westchester County, Rockland County and Southern Connecticut.... and of allies and well-wishers beyond!  We hope you will join us!





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